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Runtime: 31 min of video

This was my first video with an HD camera and it was to be porn with a plot. However, I could not forsee that Stephanie was such a lazy bitch. It turned out that her jaws hurt (thus hurting her blow job skills) and her legs hurt from a bondage scene she did recently. Then I found out that Stephanie could not take direction and had problems learning her lines, most likely from an illness called Lazy Brain! Then it was apparent that some of the male talent were allergic to cats on the set. Finally, my photographer could not make the shoot and sent over a novice to take some pictures. Big mistake as he was always getting in the way of the talent and appeared as a dirty old man leering at the action. That said, the video came out prety good and at least Stephanie took 4 loads and looked happy with cum on her face. But there were lessons to be learned; first do not get a lazy whore to act, second, get rid of cats on the set or get a bigger set and just hide the cats and lastly, keep in mind that most porn talent have limited capacity to think and they really can not chew gum and fuck at the same time. Enjoyed my first and last video with a plot.

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