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Kelly James

Added: January 22, 2010 | Runtime: 41:58
Kelly James is from Florida and she made it to New Jersey to do her first shoot. As usual, she was late, as she only knew whore time, which is any time. Anyway, Kelly showed up and was both nervous and naive, wondering how or if she would enjoy sucking 4 dicks and getting a creamy facial. She started off slowly, but gradually got in the swing of things after sucking on dick for a while. She even enjoyed deep throating dicks, as she took it as a personal challenge to take a dick down to the balls, and lick them with her tongue. Finally, she got her facial, but the male talent, as usual, had bad aim and Kelly had cum all over her body. So we got a big table spoon and scraped the cum off her body, dumped it down her throat, and with a smile on her face, she swallowed. With jizz dripping off her face, she waved good-bye.