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Judy Marie

Runtime: 38 min of video

Judy Marie is a cheap whore, all she wanted was dick and her goal in life was to go to LA and be a gang bang slut. That way, 19-year-old Judy could get all the cock she wanted and earn lots of money to give her 48 year old pimp husband. So Judy came to us to do a scene and get money to go to LA. She offered her pussy and asshole to anyone who wanted it. Well, we tested her pussy and asshole with a dildo, just to be safe. As we probed her pussy, she told us that she wanted to squirt, and that said, she let go and squirted all over the chair! Sitting in her own juice, she sucked cock, then got on her knees, so she could take dick deeper down her throat. Then, Judy got her pussy pounded before the guys moved on to her well-used asshole. Finally, Judy got her reward, 3 loads of creamy cum on her face. With a smile on her cum coated face, she thanked us for the cum on her face as she rubbed it into her skin. Now she was ready for gangbangs in LA.

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