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Cassie Marie

Runtime: 29 min of video

Eighteen year old Cassie Marie needed money to go to college, so what better way to finance her education than try the wonderful world of porn, figuring that fucking guys on camera was no different than fucking guys on her first date with them. With her blonde hair, blue eyes and killer body, she found her way to up here and did her first video. On the set she was nervous, so her cute Southern accent became more pronounced and ever so sexy. After some pictures, she got down to business, but the first cock was too big for her, Cassie could hardly fit it in her mouth, so Paul stepped in and just shoved his cock down her mouth, it seems that 9 inches was all she could handle. Paul taught her how to suck cock like a pro, and after a while, she wanted to get fucked, as her pussy got wet from sucking Paul’s cock. Fucking was another experience, as the only position she knew was missionary, and we had to teach about the other positions. However, she was a quick learner and was fucking and sucking dick like any teen slut would. And besides, nothing is better than an 18 year old, right off the bus doing her first scene. Finally came time for her facial, and she took 2 big loads for her first facial. She really did not know what to expect, so she was surprised at the two loads of cum dripping down her face, something she never did before. And may I add what a pretty sight.

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